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Welcome to the website of Silicon Products Group!

The Silicon Products Group is a German medium-sized, privately owned and owner-managed group of companies specialized in silicon production and other related products from chlorosilanes. Furthermore, the group offers different engineering services for other companies.

The group has been operating a mid-scale silicon production plant in Germany since 2009 and in our facility we use the established Siemens process. The plant was designed for production of solar grade silicon only. Meanwhile extended processes have been implemented to achieve high-quality polysilicon . That includes also feedstock for the Float Zone (FZ) process and semiconductor applications.
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Our production experience as well as our research and development have led to an excellent knowledge of processes and equipment in the silicon and chlorosilane industry. Experience, know-how and solid high international standards in quality and service enable us to offer tailor-made solutions and production equipment to our customers.
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SPESilicon Products Engineering GmbH (SPE)

In 2014 SPE was founded as part of the company Silicon Products Group. This company, sited in the same area, has the goal of offering to other companies of this sector our many years experience and know-how on the process of silicon and chlorosilanes production. The field of activity of SPE is mainly focused on:

  • Design and commissioning of silicon production plants.
  • Technology improvement and plant optimization.
  • Equipment e. g. CVD-reactors, converters, slim rod pulling units.
  • Quality control and safety.
  • Operation and staff training.

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pic02Silicon Products Bitterfeld GmbH & Co.KG (SPB)

SPB operates a mid-scale silicon production plant close to the city of Leipzig (Germany).
SPB is active in the fields as follows:

  • Production of polysilicon for photovoltaic and semi-conductor purposes and related products (slim rods, chlorosilanes e.g. trichlorosilane, hexachlorodisilane).
  • Research and development on e.g. Siemens process, hydrogenation, slim rods with the focus on cost reduction and quality improvement.
  • Research and development on technology for standard thickness kerfless wafers using epitaxy process.

SPB is convinced that our production technology offers excellent technological standards so that an economically viable production of silicon and other related products are assured and highly competitive.

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