Chlorosilanes e.g. Hexachlorodisilane (HCDS)

HCDS as precursor in the CVD process for various applications play an important role. The applications of chlorosilanes vary from deposition of mono- and polycrystalline silicon to dielectric layers. Our R&D works on the separation and conversion of monomeric and oligomeric chlorosilanes.

One of the valuable oligomeric chlorosilanes is hexachlorodisilane which is a  byproduct of the silicon production. A proprietary process (Patent pending) allows to separate high-purity hexachlorodisilane at low cost.


Our continuous development of this process in terms of quality has led to the production of different hexachlorodisilane qualities with a purity >> 95% and trace contamination << 1 ppma. Further investigations to achieve  higher purity of hexachlorodisilane are going on.


Chlorosilanes handling and operational safety

Besides the separation of HCDS from chlorosilanes our company is highly knowledgeable about their handling. It is well known that hydrolyzates of chlorosilanes can be hazardous because they tend to build explosive solids. We are able to stabilize these explosives in a production environment based on theoretical basics and our long-term production expierence.