Our benefits at a glance

Preventive occupational medical care
Within the scope of care duty our employees have the possibility to participate in medical examinations.
Vocational Training
We support young people to step in a professional career by training them in different occupations.
Supply and cleaning of safety work wear
Our employees are equipped with protection suits which are cleaned regularly free of charge.
Company pension scheme
Within the scope of the remuneration change our employees can deposit in operational old-age provisions.
An already existing old-age provisions contract can be continued.
Works committee
Our works committee takes care of all questions of operational codetermination.
Company celebration
We organize regularly summer parties and Christmas celebrations for our employees to support our good working atmosphere.
Possibilities of development
Dependent on operational requirements our employees are supported with qualifications in their professional career.
Flexible organization of working time
By flexible time program and time accounts we make a contribution to a better compatibility between family and occupation.
Day release / Supplementary grant on special occasions
All employees receive a small attention on special occasions like the birth of an own child, an own wedding or to a company jubilee.
Subsidy for the child care
All employees with not school-age children receive the subsidy up to the completion of the 6th year or up to the day of school enrollment.
Free drinks and car park
Drinks (coffee, tea, water) as well as car park are available to all employees for free.
Subsidy to sickness allowance
With seniority of more than two years all employees receive a subsidy to the sick pay in case of illness for more than six weeks.
Performance-linked wages
Our employees are paid according to their operational area and their work experience.

Modern company site
Our enterprise is equipped with an advanced production plant, air-conditioned business premises and a pleasant cafeteria.
Our employees receive more than the legally required holiday, the holiday entitlement increases with the duration of the seniority.
Our employees are secured by an additional accident insurance.
With assembly operations a foreign health insurance offers complementary protection.