Projects: China, Japan and Malaysia, MENA region

Projects in China realized by SP Group

China 1

  • Consulting & Know-How Transfer
  • Basic Engineering (for 5,000 t/a polysilicon plant, single equipment, technology upgrade)
  • Supervision of integration of Basic Engineering into Detail Engineering
  • Process optimization & Staff training

China 2

  • Consulting, Know-How Transfer & Process optimization
  • Engineering along the polysilicon production value chain
  • Supply of silver-plated CVD reactors, commissioning, supervision, ramp-up
  • Supply of the polysilicon harvesting equipment, commissioning and supervision

China 3

  • Supply of slim rods for semiconductor polysilicon production

China 4

  • Consulting, Know-How Transfer & Staff training
  • Engineering of the slim rods production
  • Supply of slim rods welding systems
  • Know-How transfer for FZ feedstock production

China 5

  • Delivery of Crystal Growing Systems
  • CZ and FZ Pulling for semiconductor Analytics with Equipment &  Know-how

China 6

  • Diverse supplies of polysilicon, solar and electronic grade

China 7

  • Post-processing rods for mono-wafer production
  • Engineering and complete supply of equipment
  • including roller crusher, screens, bagging devices

China 8

  • Supply of Gaschromatograph for silicon production
  • Delivery of Labscale pilot CVD-reactor

China 9

  • Delivery of special hammers for crushing silicon rods minimizing contamination

Projects in Japan, Malaysia and MENA region

Japan & Malaysia

  • Consulting & Know-How Transfer
  • Engineering of the solar silicon production alongside the complete production cycle
  • Staff training

Project 8,000t/a polysilicon in MENA region

  • Supply of silicon slim rods
  • Consulting on start-up of the polysilicon plant,
  • Consulting specifically on CVD and conversion process
  • Consulting on quality control and analytical concept for polysilicon plant
  • Consulting on utilities, trouble shooting using specific know-how for pipes cleaning
  • Realization of optimization processes in large scale plant
  • Production of first silicon out