R&D Partnership – Leibnitz Institute for Crystal Growth

R&D Partnership – Leibnitz Institute for Crystal Growth

Unique research institution in Europe, exploring the scientific and technological fundamentals of crystal growth, from basic research to pre-industrial development. All these applications require crystalline materials with high perfection and specific chemical and physical properties. This includes, in particular, the growth of specific crystals for research purposes, the characterization of crystalline materials or industry-oriented technology development.

The research and service tasks of the institute include:

  • Technologies for growth, processing and characterization of bulk crystals, of crystalline structures with dimensions in the micro- and nanometer range and of comprehensive growth technologies

  • Supply of crystals with non-standard specifications for research and development purposes

  • Modeling and theoretical investigation of crystal growth processes

  • Experimental and theoretical investigations of the influence of process parameters on crystal growth processes and crystal quality

  • Development of technologies for chemo-mechanical processing of crystalline samples and scientific investigation of related processes

  • Physico-chemical characterization of crystalline solids and development of suitable methods as well as investigation of the correlation between physical properties and related physical processes

  • Development and construction of components for growth, processing and characterization of crystals