Silicon and Quality

Silicon Products has a strong R & D interdisciplinary team of chemists, physicists, material scientists and chemical engineers. The R & D division is closely connected to the engineering division what allows a fast track from innovative ideas to final products.


Process understanding and process control are mandatory in order to make high quality products. One of the ongoing development projects is control of impurity content of our silicon products. Understanding of the mass balances of impurities in our production process which contains identification of impurity sources and sinks as well as their control led to the production of high quality silicon products.


Our R & D focuses on further improvement of high purity silicon. Special attention is given to Float-zone (FZ) silicon and Czochralski (CZ). FZ and CZ crystallization are well-known technologies produce the highest purity of mono-crystalline silicon. CZ and FZ silicon are mainly applied in high and low voltage power devices.

Besides the lowest impurity levels of silicon also mechanical stability and geometry requirements of the silicon rods have to be fulfilled. That is a reason for further simulations of gas flow, temperature field and stress in the CVD reactor inside produced silicon rods.