Slim rod welding

Linear slim rod welding system

The lineal slim rod welding system consists of a base frame to hold the welding structure, a rod holder system, an inert gas supply system, an energy source and a control cabinet. The rod holder system consists of a group of grippers to fix the slim rods in position during the welding.

The frame is made of plastic coated aluminum profiles. The generator with oscillating circuit and the lifting device are integrated. By means of pneumatic grippers the two silicon-rods are held during the welding process. A glass tube is used to build a protective atmosphere during the welding process.The energy source consists of a generator with a frequency of 1 MHz and an induction coil. The welding can be carried out under inert atmosphere.

Our experience has shown that  a linear slim rod welding plant is needed for extension of shorter slim rods and for welding the short slim rod pieces with the cone ends.


U-shaped slim rod welding device

The production process of U-shaped silicon slim rods consists on fixing the slim rods on a structure and welding the three pieces into one U-shaped slim rod. The welding process is achieved by applying RF-inducted power on the two junctions of the three rods. After some minutes the welding process is concluded. The U-shaped slim rod welding device includes a resistivity measurement system to probe that the welding is successfully done.

Advantages of welded slim rods in comparison to plug-in connection:

  • no mechanical treatment of the slim rods,
  • stable U-shaped rods ➔ faster assembling in the deposition reactor ➔ higher productivity of deposition reactor,
  • less contact resistivity in welded connections and less hot spots in the connections ➔ less pop-corn in the connection areas
    ➔ faster deposition.